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We are experts in the transcription field and it shows. We manage all aspects of transcription, including file conversion and audio optimisation.

We provide excellent quality combined with very competitive rates. Our output is highly accurate and we can manage a wide range of business sectors and local dialects. All transcripts are reviewed and proofread prior to delivery to ensure the maximum level of accuracy. Use the rate calculator below to get an instant quote.

Enter the length of your audio in minutes     Price: €  

(Please note that this rate is based on a single clear recording of a non-technical, legal or medical nature featuring no more than two participants unidentified in the final transcript and speaking at a rate with transcription in mind. Additional participants are subject to an additional charge of 25c per audio minute. There is a further charge for identification of participants based on assessment. Poor quality recordings may be subject to a discretionary increased rate. This rate is also subject to VAT at 23%.)

We provide copy typing from any type of document (handwritten, typed, fax, PDF, books, magazines) with unrivalled speed and accuracy.

Unlike many other services bound by specific formats, we can accept almost any analogue audio and convert it to MP3 such as cassette, mini-cassette, micro-cassette, VHS video and even vinyl! Analogue files submitted for transcription are subject to a conversion fee. Please contact us for further details.

Have you bought a digital voice recorder only to find that you need to use the proprietary software to listen back to your audio? We can convert many different types of digital audio to a more flexible format such as MP3 that can be played on Windows Media Player, iTunes and most portable digital media players.

The Transcription Shop provides an audio editing service whereby we can trim, splice and join parts of your audio content. This means that if you have a recording that contains dead noise or irrelevant content, we can remove it to produce a seamless, continuous flow of audio.

We can also enhance the sound quality and add effects to your audio for podcast publication such as:
Intro and outro music
Background sound effects
Fade-in and fade-out
Optimisation for uploading


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