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File Management and Transfer

Once you have recorded your audio, it is good practice to transfer it to your computer as soon as possible. Using the software that came with your device, save the audio to your computer in MP3 format if available. While we can handle any type of digital audio, we recommend MP3 as it is a widely-used and high-quality compressed format which producing files of a manageable size. WAV files, on the other hand, can be up to 10 times the size of MP3 and can take an unnecessarily long time to upload.

A good quality MP3 recording (128kbps bit rate) should use about 1MB of memory per recorded minute. So for example, an hour-long recording should result in an MP3 of approximately 55-65MB. To check the file size, right-click the icon, select properties and the details of the file are displayed.

Once you are happy with the format and the file size, you can send your audio files to us for transcription using our upload facility.